The Not So Famous ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Collection

I am a Disney fan not just for the beautiful princess stories but also for the life lessons and laughter it brings along. So, this year when Disney remade the live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ I had even more reasons to watch it, Emma Watson and IMAX 3-D. Oh, the experience was just splendid and it more that met my expectations.

My story does not end here, I kept reading and came across Disney’s Beauty and the Beast- Hidesign collaboration. And so, the next time I visited a mall and spotted the Hidesign space, I was thrilled. I went in to take a better look at the bags, the embellishments were reminiscent of the Beauty and Beast characters but there was something missing. Or something I might have missed. Except for the article I read, there was no advertisement, cut out or anything of the kind I came across. A complete absence of marketing campaign. Was it deliberate from their part or a dangerous miss out? Hidesign and Disney collaboration might have been massive but it failed to create awareness about the limited edition that could possibly burn a hole in both their profits.

This ordeal made me research on the campaign Hidesign launched, for its Beauty and the Beast collection in India. There were four major tactics that I stumbled upon that too only after knowing where to look. One, a print ad (could be digital too, like a post made on Facebook) featuring the ball scene as a backdrop and the Hidesign bag as a prop. Second, the ongoing exhibition events in malls in Mumbai and Delhi. Third, a video advertisement that was available on Hidesign Facebook page. Fourth, Hidesign Founder-President Dilip Kapur interviews in Indian dailies. The reach of these efforts is quite questionable. Hidesign having uploaded the video on YouTube, garnered just 999 views and despite my relentless playing of various Beauty and the Beast clips and bloopers there were no pre-roll video ads from Hidesign Enchanted series.

There is an intersection of Disney fans and Hidesign patrons, and Hidesign founder is vocal about wanting to tap the wider Disney, youth and adult, audience with the collection. Despite these customers or their spread on social media or their interest in Disney content, both Disney and Hidesign has failed to market the collection effectively. Awareness creation is limited to just two cities (Delhi and Mumbai), Bengaluru is completely in the dark, no stalls, no exhibitions nor effective trade marketing but followers on Facebook wondering ‘why not Bengaluru’. Despite claims of the collection selling 50% more than normal Hidesign collections, it feels that Hidesign has lost a great marketing opportunity that could have given it an edge, a definite opportunity to don a creative hat.

This article has its own flaws, it has no backing of proper market research but only individual experience as a shopper. But, I believe, that is what branding is all about. What if you have a great product but no one to claim that? What if you have your set of consumers but zero awareness among shoppers? After all, customers do not present themselves to a brand, you need to let them know that the brand is there for them.



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