Before I Wish You a Happy Women’s Day..

How deserving are we of celebrating Women’s day, despite us proving otherwise time and again. We are watching through our veiled eyes, standing behind the curtains, trapped inside the rusted gate hoping to escape these. To bask in the sun, to feel the raindrops, to smell the sweet flowers. Yet we are trapped, denying ourselves of the freedom we deserve, looking ahead only to dream the fresh air.

Busy in our day to day lives, we are many a times taken for granted and the rest of the times taking others for granted. We go on preaching equality but many times look down on fellow women. We condemn dowry but taunt our daughter for the share she is yet to give. We bathe the goddess in milk but drown our own in it. We protest rape but judge the girl next door. We preach against objectifying women but never refrain from victim shaming. We keep saving for our daughter’s marriage but fail in educating her. We fight against violence of any kind but applaud the misery when she is verbally abused on social media for her views. We are afraid to let our daughter step out and equally afraid to let her stand up for her friends. We see a roaring lion in our assertive sons but a wayward girl in an assertive daughter. We appreciate the grace and stature of the Williams but sports are for boys we tell them. We adore Kalpana Chawla but refrain our daughters from taking wings.

Why this hypocrisy? Why do not we ever feel that we need more daughters like Williams and Kalpana? Why are we stopping our daughters from being role models themselves? Why do we teach them that life culminates and ends with marriage and kids? Why do not we dream and let them dream? Why don’t we give them the fire to light and the wings to fly? Why are we ashamed to pay heed to their wise voices? Why do not we celebrate the differences despite the need?

To wear what you want, to marry the person you love, to have an opinion of your own is your choice; just like it is everyone else’s. The way you have your choice, it is not in your right to body shame, to intrude, to abuse or even judge by a look of yours. We are not victims of our circumstances, we are victims of the society each of us make. We are victims of the silence we endured, we are victims of the insults we showered, and we are victims of the praises we forgot to give. We are in search for a perfect world failing to realise that it begins and ends with us.

Wishing You a Happy Women’s Day!



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